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Brain-Based Attachment Interventions to Transform Troubled Lives with international experts Dr Dan Hughes and Dr Jonathan Baylin

Brain-Based Attachment Interventions to Transform Troubled Lives  with international experts Dr Dan Hughes and Dr Jonathan Baylin

Based on their groundbreaking book, Dr Dan Hughes and veteran clinical psychologist Dr Jonathan Baylin will discuss their brain-based approach to interventions with children. They will show how stress, which can lead to ‘blocked’ or dysfunctional care, can impede our brain’s inherent caregiving processes and negatively impact our ability to do this. While the parent-child relationship can generate deep empathy, it can also trigger self-defensive feelings rooted in our early attachment relationships, and give rise to ‘unparental’ impulses. Dan Hughes and Jonathan Baylin define five major ‘systems’ of caregiving as they are linked to the brain, explaining how they operate when parenting is strong and what happens when good parenting is compromised or ‘blocked’. With this awareness, we learn how to approach children with renewed playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy, re-regulate our caregiving systems, foster deeper social engagement, and facilitate children’s development.


Infused with clinical insight, illuminating case examples and helpful illustrations, Brain-Based Parenting brings the science of caregiving to light for the first time. Far from just managing our children’s behaviour, we can develop our ‘parenting brains’, and with a better understanding of the neurobiological roots of our feelings and our own attachment histories, we can transform a fraught parent-child relationship into an open, regulated and loving one.

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Dr Jonathan Baylin


Jonathan Baylin, PhD, received his doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Vanderbilt University (US) in 1981. He has been working in the mental health field for 35 years. For the past fifteen years, while continuing his clinical practice, he has immersed himself in the study of neurobiology and in teaching mental health practitioners about the brain. He has given numerous keynotes and workshops for mental health professionals on ‘Putting the Brain in Therapy’ both internationally and regionally within the US. Several years ago, Dr Baylin began a collaborative relationship with Dan Hughes, a leader in the field of attachment-focused therapy.



Dr Dan Hughes


Dan Hughes is world-leading practitioner in healing troubled children. He has achieved international acclaim for his profoundly transformative therapeutic work with the most troubled and traumatised children and young people. Dan’s empathic way of relating to children and young people can bring about major changes often in a few sessions. He is a Clinical Psychologist and author of many books including Building the Bonds of Attachment - Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children and Principles of Attachment-Focused Parenting. He has decades of groundbreaking and profoundly moving clinical practice with very traumatised adolescents who have moved into violence.

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