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Dr Dan Hughes Presents: Connecting with Angry, Violent and Highly Defended Children and Teenagers

Dr Dan Hughes Presents: Connecting with Angry, Violent and Highly Defended Children and Teenagers

About this conference

Dr Dan Hughes will address how to relate to children and  young people who defend themselves from feeling hurt and pain by being angry. In addition, he will explore his concept of blocked trust which results when children and young people have been catastrophically let down, hurt and betrayed by the people who are supposed to care for them. Sadly, blocked trust often leads to these children being intensely disliked so receiving the responses of hate and rejection they know so well.

Dr Hughes will offer theory, practice and moving case material to show how to reach out and connect with children and young people, enabling them to feel safe enough to address underlying core pain. As Leslie Greenberg (Founder of Emotion Focussed therapy ) says, “We cannot leave the place until we have first arrived.” In other words, unless the practitioner helps the child/ young person to get to underlying core pain and meets them there with corrective emotional experience, they cannot heal. Dan will show how to do this in a way that leaves the child or young person feeling profoundly psychologically safe, held and truly understood in the process.

Dan’s work is informed by structural family therapy, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, psychodynamic principles, psychodrama, interventions congruent with Theraplay, and narrative therapy work. From this rich model he will present a wealth of actual case examples so delegates can go away inspired and empowered to make the best possible connections with children who are defending against pain in this way.

Benefits from attending

  • Understand why some young people are locked in anger.
  • Learn how to relate to children and young people locked in anger, so that they feel connected with rather than vilified and rejected.
  • Learn how to have a therapeutic conversation with a child; young person in ways that develops their capacity to reflect on feeling rather than behave their feelings.
  • Be inspired by moving case studies about what to say and how to say it that melt the child/young person’s defences.
  • Learn how to help children bring language to unbearable feelings and sensations and engage in meaningful conversations about their lives.


Dr Dan Hughes

danHughes 29Jan22

Dan Hughes is world-leading practitioner in healing troubled children. He has achieved international acclaim for his profoundly transformative therapeutic work with the most troubled and traumatised children and young people. Dan’s empathic way of relating to children and young people can bring about major changes often in a few sessions. He is a Clinical Psychologist and author of many books including Building the Bonds of Attachment - Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children and Principles of Attachment-Focused Parenting. He has decades of groundbreaking and profoundly moving clinical practice with very traumatised adolescents who have moved into violence.

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Event Date 29-10-2022 10:00 am
Event End Date 29-10-2022 4:00 am
Individual Price £70.00
Location CCMH
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