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Dr Dan Hughes Presents - Helping Troubled Children Heal: What Every Child Professional Needs to Know About the Relational Context of Both Trauma and Recovery

Dr Dan Hughes Presents - Helping Troubled Children Heal: What Every Child Professional Needs to Know About  the Relational Context of Both Trauma and Recovery

Live Stream Event (12pm-5pm, UK time zone)

About the Event

It is vital that all child professionals know how children and young people become traumatised but also how they recover. It is all too easy to feel hopeless and impotent around the often extreme behaviours and intense emotions of children and young people who are traumatised. In many settings, and often from the place of desperation, uninformed professionals reach for psychiatric diagnoses, medication and/or exclusion instead of undertaking training in proven relational interventions for trauma recovery. Famous clinician, clinical psychologist and prolific author Dr Dan Hughes will explore and demonstrate evidence-based interventions, proven to be effective in healing troubled minds and bodies.

Based on both his decades of clinical work and evidence-based theories of change, Dan will discuss actual cases with children and young people demonstrating how he brought about long-term change as well as empowering parents and carers to be emotionally available and stay regulated under stress.

Benefits from attending

  • Be moved and inspired by key therapeutic conversational interventions that support children and young people in distress.
  • Learn about relational change through the use of PACE (play, acceptance, curiosity, empathy) and ‘speaking about’ and ‘speaking for’.
  • Learn about the power of empathy and feeling deeply understood through highly creative and moving verbal interventions.
  • Learn how to enable the child and young person to make the shift from unbearable feelings to thinkable thoughts.


Dr Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes is world-leading practitioner in healing troubled children. He has achieved international acclaim for his profoundly transformative therapeutic work with the most troubled and traumatised children and young people. Dan’s empathic way of relating to children and young people can bring about major changes often in a few sessions.  He is a Clinical Psychologist and author of many books including Building the Bonds of Attachment - Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children Principles of Attachment-Focused Parenting. He has decades of groundbreaking and profoundly moving clinical practice with very traumatised adolescents who have moved into violence. On this day he will inspire delegates, by demonstrating his breathtaking way of relating to children. He will speak about how he makes profound connection, not over months and years but from the very first meeting.

More information about Dr Dan Hughes:
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Event Date 29-01-2022 12:00 pm
Event End Date 29-01-2022 5:00 pm
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