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A DAY WITH ATTACHMENT EXPERTS LOUISE MICHELLE BOMBER AND KIM GOLDING. Working with Children and Families with Complex Development Needs

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October 12, 2018 10:00 am until October 12, 2018 5:00 pm

CCMH, 2-18 Britannia Row, London N1 8PA, UK


A DAY WITH ATTACHMENT EXPERTS LOUISE MICHELLE BOMBER AND KIM GOLDING. Working with Children and Families with Complex Development Needs

Friday 12 October

Louise Michelle Bombèr and Kim Golding (two eminent clinicians and authors on attachment) will discuss creative approaches to attachment-informed work with children and families.

This vital day will address the task of caring for children and families who have complex developmental and mental health needs.  In other words, these are children and families who are often experiencing significant, persistent mental health challenges, multiple diagnoses, trauma histories, difficult home and/or community circumstances, coupled with learning difficulties and behaviour problems.

Such challeges of course impact their functioning at every level and have often involved multiple agencies such as justice system, social services, housing, education and health etc.  The co–ordination and communication issues  between services can be extremely frustrating for families and in turn service providers equally feel exhausted, hopeless, demotivated.  For many, what  is lacking in the whole family system is a consistent emotionally available adult providing a secure base.

The presenters will discuss the role of this emotionally available adult in terms of how she or me impacts on the child and the family system in a profound and transformative way.


Louise Michelle Bombèr

 louise bomber

Louise Michelle Bombèr is qualified as both a specialist teacher, a therapist and a DDP certified practitioner. She has worked with individual pupils, classes, whole school settings, local authorities, teachers and support staff across both the primary and secondary phases. She has provided consultations and training for education, social services and health. She has set up TouchBase™ Brighton and TouchBase™ Bristol Brighton and TouchBase™ Bristol. Louise and her team offer a range of services supporting children and young people who have experienced significant relational traumas and losses to move towards learned security and recovery. Louise also works as a clinical supervisor for counsellors/therapists working in schools. She created the 7-day intensive course, accredited by the University of Brighton, for staff wanting to become Attachment Leads in their schools and authorities. There is now an extensive network of Attachment Leads all over the UK who come together as a group in Brighton (ALN Brighton) and Milton Keynes (ALN Central) at present. Louise’s work is informed, in the main, by Attachment Theory and Intersubjectivity Theory. She promotes and uses PACE, DDP, Theraplay and SAI within her practice and has also developed her own Developmental Trauma Assessment for education which includes an Individual Development Plan for 2 to 3 years – ‘Seguridad’. 

As well as having written many articles, Louise Michelle is the author of the very popular book Inside I’m Hurting, now translated into French and Italian. She also wrote What About Me?. Louise contributed to the book Teenagers & Attachment. She has co-authored Settling Troubled Pupils to Learn: Why Relationships Matter in School together with Dan Hughes. Louise contributed to a specialist family law book ‘Capacity to Change’ outlining what needs to be considered for traumatized children and their lives in school. More recently Louise has written the ‘Attachment Aware Schools Series – Bridging the gap for troubled pupils’ to support schools to create effective small teams around pupils – Team Pupil. More information Louise Michelle Bombèr:

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 Dr Kim Golding

Kim Golding

Dr Kim Golding is Consultant Clinical Psychologist with other 30 years of experience working within the NHS. She has a special interest in supporting foster carers and adoptive parents. Kim was involved in setting up and evaluating an inter-agency project in Worcestershire, UK (now part of the Integrated Service for Looked After and Adopted Children). She focuses on understanding the impact of early experience on the development of children. Kim explores ways to support and parent these children so that they can overcome their fear of being parented. In this way children can develop to their full potential, feel safe in relationships and go out into the world able to follow their dreams. She implemented a range of interventions based upon attachment theory. 

As a child Kim was always inventing stories, a pleasure she has passed on to her children. They named a tree they passed going to and from school ‘the story tree’ and would pause there to tell each other stories. Communicating through story and through the written and spoken word has therefore been an important part of Kim's journey as a Clinical Psychologist both through training and group work as well as through writing. Together with her husband, Kim set up Kim S Golding Ltd. at the beginning of 2015 to provide clinical psychology services, more information:

She is co-editor/author of Thinking Psychologically About Children Who Are Looked After and Adopted and Nurturing Attachments: Supporting Children Who Are Fostered or Adopted.

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CCMH, 2-18 Britannia Row, London N1 8PA, UK