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July 08, 2017 10:00 am until July 08, 2017 5:00 pm

CCMH, 2-18 Britannia Row, London N1 8PA, UK




This conference focuses on ways of helping children and teenagers with chronic emotional pain that can ensue after traumatic loss and/or unwanted, sudden or unexpected change. The conference presenters, each an expert in a particular area of painful loss or transitions, will address the impact on the child of separation/divorce, death of a loved one, living with parental illness, living with the fear of your own death, traumatic and sudden separations, losing your country (refugees), moving house, school, family unit, losing everything familiar.

All presenters will then address how to help children and teenagers suffering from traumatic loss and painful transitions, how to let go of un-helpful coping mechanisms, and how to help them seek comfort. Most importantly, presenters will discuss how to help children and teenagers mourn. As a result, children teenagers and adults, can feel safe enough to want to share and ‘work through’ their painful life experiences in ways that enable them to reflect, feel and function in healthier ways. It is vital that far more professionals know how to help children whose lives are blighted by unprocessed loss, as central causes of mental ill-health. The far-reaching consequences of unmourned loss is often underestimated. Neuroscientists have now found a clear link between unmourned loss and depression and anxiety.

The presenters will also explore the principles of attachment-informed interventions, offering examples of how these work in practice, illustrating with fascinating and moving case material and film footage.

A ground-breaking new documentary on the biology of stress and Adverse Childhood Experiences and its links to major illnesses.

We are thrilled to have been granted permission to screen the film 'Resilience' at this conference  - showing only at a few exclusive venues (most are sold out and the film is not available to view online).

RESILIENCE is a one-hour documentary that delves into the science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and the birth of a new movement to treat and prevent Toxic Stress. Now understood to be one of the leading causes of everything from heart disease and cancer to substance abuse and depression, extremely stressful experiences in childhood can alter brain development and have lifelong effects on health and behaviour.

A wonderful film which presents a message of hope too in terms of what we can do to ensure preventable suffering.

For more information and to view the trailer please follow the link here:

Benefits from attending this conference

  • Learn to recognise common disturbed behaviour manifestations resulting from unprocessed traumatic loss
  • Learn how to enable children/teenagers to mourn
  • Take away effective interventions for dealing with a child’s/teenager’s loss and grief, so that unbearable feelings become thinkable thoughts
  • Know how to respond when children, teenagers and adults have cut off from the pain of loss
  • Understand why so many children and teenagers who are not helped to mourn move from traumatic loss to violence
  • Understand how to prepare children and young people for important life transitions and difficult life events
  • Understand how many 'angry children need help to feel sad' (Dan Hughes) and how to do it
  • Understand how to engage children and teenagers so that they can feel safe enough in relationship to take solace and comfort
  • Learn about the management of your own stress states to prevent secondary trauma


Andrea Perry


Integrative psychotherapist, consultant, writer and broadcaster, specialising in attachment, trauma and ambiguous loss.  Andrea is a former Chair of the British Association of Dramatherapists.  Andrea has written groundbreaking books in the areas of overcoming procrastination and claustrophobia. She commissioned the Attachment in the Classroom series for Worth Publishing, and is the Editor of Teenagers and Attachment (2009). She is the co-founder of B.A.S.E. Babywatching UK, a UK charity running schools-based programmes to help children develop empathy through observing the emerging relationship created between parents and their babies. Andrea currently works for the International Family Tracing Services of the British Red Cross, and a member of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office/British Red Cross Emergency Trauma Support Team, responding to international disasters involving British citizens. She is a lead trainer on the BRC external psychosocial programme for working with people in crisis.  She has been asked to comment on psychological issues in the press and on national and local radio. Author of Claustrophobia: Finding Your Way Out, Isn't It About Time? How to stop putting things off and get on with your life, The Little Book of Procrastination and Teenagers and Attachment.

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Charlotte Savins
Integrative Arts Psychotherapist and Play Therapist. She has worked at The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton for over 20 years and has extensive experience of working with children and young people with chronic medical conditions. Charlotte has studied the DMM attachment model with Dr Crittenden and is interested in how chronic illness shapes attachment strategies. Charlotte is currently training in EMDR. She is a founder member of the British Association of Play Therapists.

Karen Woodall
Specialist in working with families affected by Parental Alienation. Writer and Researcher on families and family separation. At the Family Separation Clinic Karen works on the development of treatment routes for affected families. She has a particular interest in intergenerational trauma patterns and how they feature in cases of Parental Alienation.


CCMH, 2-18 Britannia Row, London N1 8PA, UK