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CREATIVE CONNECTIONS FOR HEALING TROUBLED CHILDREN with Dr Margot Sunderland, Dr Jodie Lambert, Dr Coral Harper and Debbie Woolfe (mindfulness, attachment play, animals, nature and key empathy tools)

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September 30, 2017 10:00 am until September 30, 2017 5:00 pm

CCMH, 2-18 Britannia Row, London N1 8PA, UK


CREATIVE CONNECTIONS FOR HEALING TROUBLED CHILDREN with Dr Margot Sunderland, Dr Jodie Lambert, Dr Coral Harper and Debbie Woolfe (mindfulness, attachment play, animals, nature and key empathy tools)

This highly creative conference presents some of the most delightful cutting-edge and evidence-based interventions proven to heal troubled children and teenagers, particularly those with familiar diagnoses such as ADHD, autism spectrum disorder or learning difficulties.

For some children conventional counselling or talking therapy does not work. It is understood that we need to think more in terms of what or who can make life-changing connections with these children.

Stable Relationships
Stable Relationships provides educational and therapeutic training courses and activities for schools, community groups, fostering agencies, families, youth offending teams and individuals. All activities focus on building relationships to inspire learning. They include horses visiting schools to teach emotional intelligence, horse and creative-based training for professionals working with children and young people who are traumatised, activities to help work with the effects of trauma such as meditation, drumming and gardening. Debbie Woolfe has a wealth of experience, having worked for over 10 years across mainstream schools, special schools, pupil referral units and most recently as a Teacher Advisor for Looked After Children. (More information:

Dogs, Chickens and Other Animals for Children and Young People with Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
Dr Coral Harper is an expert in helping children with attachment difficulties - to rebuild attachments through being with animals. Her organisation, Better Out Than In (, works to enhance the emotional well-being of children and young people including those who struggle to engage in learning, through connection with animals and nature in a wide range of settings.

Mindfulness for Children and Teenagers Suffering from Stress or Anxiety
Dr Jodie Lambert works as an Educational Psychologist and has conducted qualitative research exploring children’s experiences of mindfulness. She has created a mindfulness-based programme which is accessible to children with Autistic Spectrum Condition. Jodie will discuss how mindfulness can help young people to develop the ability to calm themselves, to pay attention to themselves in the world and to think about and reflect upon their actions and relationships. These practical skills can help build resilience and manage anxiety and stress through increased sensory awareness, regulation of emotions and attention and acceptance of thoughts and feelings.

Attachment Play/Accompanied Drumming/The Big Empathy Drawing
Dr Margot Sunderland will use the latest neuroscience research, and illustrated throughout with delightful footage, this presentation is designed to help children who find forming attachments difficult. Attachment play is play where the adult-child relationship is the absolute focus. All the communicative tools and ideas for attachment play support children to feel, over time, psychologically safe enough to develop trust and understand that a relationship can be about pleasure, fun and comfort rather than fear, stress and emotional dysregulation.

In addition, Dr Margot Sunderland will uncover the amazing research on why accompanied drumming is so effective for many children who suffer from stress, attention, concentration or social and emotional problems. Finally she will equip delegates with the tools and techniques for her highly effective intervention: The Big Empathy Drawing.



CCMH, 2-18 Britannia Row, London N1 8PA, UK