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Dr Dan Hughes Presents - Blocked Trust: Using PACE to Connect with Teenagers

Dr Dan Hughes Presents - Blocked Trust: Using PACE to Connect with Teenagers

About this training

Dan will offer theory, practice and interventions to demonstrate how to reach out and connect with these teenagers. Through moving case material including what to say he will also explore how to support teenagers to make that essential shift from avoidant, anxious or disorganised attachment to secure attachment.

About PACE

Play / Playfulness
To help the child feel safe to talk about their inner life. At the outset of an important conversation about a painful life event, playfulness means creating an atmosphere of interest and fun to establish the psychological safety, crucial to any therapeutic alliance. When effective, the child’s brain will then trigger anti-anxiety, wellbeing neurochemicals, engendering trust and enabling the child to feel safe with the adult. Attachment playfulness can bring closeness without the scary parts of being close to someone!

This is about accepting, without judgment or evaluation, the young person’s inner life, and so their underlying psychological pain, feelings and thoughts that fuel their troubled behaviour.

The adult stays curious about the child’s behaviour, interactions and relationships, conveying a wish to understand, often by wondering out loud about the meaning behind their behaviour (without expecting answers). With the adult’s curious open stance, the child is far more likely, to learn to reflect on their own inner life and so in turn become interested in it, developing the capacities for psychological thinking and mentalisation.

Through empathic reflection, the adult shows the child that their inner life is important and acknowledges in a felt way, the pain of the child’s past and present life experiences. The adult conveys to the child that they will not have to deal with that pain all on their alone. The child experiences the adult as doing their very best to understand how things are and have been, and helps the child make sense of and better manage their emotions, thoughts and behaviour.

What you'll learn from attending?

  • Understand the key reasons for blocked trust and how to recognise them in teenagers rather than jumping to a diagnosis of autism spectrum continuum, conduct disorder or other well known psychiatric diagnosis.
  • Learn how to forge transforming connections with young people who push you away, make you angry with them, frightened of them or feel like giving up on them
  • Learn how to support parents to use PACE with young people who don’t trust, and with parents who are experiencing blocked care
  • Listen to Dan’s moving case material including what to say and how to be

Dr Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes is world-leading practitioner in healing troubled children. He has achieved international acclaim for his profoundly transformative therapeutic work with the most troubled and traumatised children and young people. Dan’s empathic way of relating to children and young people can bring about major changes often in a few sessions. He is a Clinical Psychologist and author of many books including Building the Bonds of Attachment - Awakening Love in Deeply Troubled Children and Principles of Attachment-Focused Parenting. He has decades of groundbreaking and profoundly moving clinical practice with very traumatised adolescents who have moved into violence.

More information about Dr Dan Hughes and books (including special offers):


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Event Date 16-10-2021 12:00 pm
Event End Date 16-10-2021 5:00 pm
Individual Price £65.00
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