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Working with children with depression

Some people feel afraid of working with depressed children and young people.They feel unskilled and very anxious about the possibility of suicide and so quickly refer on to CAMHS. But research shows that thousands of young people attempt suicide whilst on CAMHS waiting lists, one in four in one study  (Young Minds, End the Wait Campaign) and many never get seen. So we need to skill far more child professionals to connect with and alleviate the psychological pain of CYP in despair.   So, this webinar provides evidence-based interventions for reaching out and connecting with deeply distressed and traumatised CYP, in ways that enable them to feel heard, seen and valued. This is so key as we know that hopelessness about ever feeling truly loved or truly valued underpins so much depression. The importance of compassionate human responses is addressed, alongside vital knowledge about the neuroscience and psychology of depression.

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The presenter will discuss causes of depression. She makes the point that depression is a symptom not a cause and how important it is to address the core pain fuelling the depression, in the safe holding context of a relationship the CYP finds therapeutic.  Using a moving case study as illustration, the presenter demonstrates the process of transformational change using principles from evidence-based Emotion Focused Counselling. She addresses how organisations and schools can do so much to prevent CYP becoming depressed in the first place


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1hr 18mins

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