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Sandplay therapy: a key intervention for trauma recovery

In this webinar, Dr Sunderland will explore why sandplay therapy as a symbolising reflective process, can be so effective in trauma recovery. In sandplay, children and young people create scenes of miniature worlds. using figures, sand and water to communicate their inner world, namely their thoughts, feelings, memories, worries, hopes, fantasies, perceptions, inner voices. Many children and young people are totally unused to talking about their inner world, so being offered sandplay can be a lifeline and far more effective than everyday words. Moreover, in the context of an ongoing therapeutic relationship with an emotionally available adult, children and young people feel safe to address painful life experiences in this way, because it’s ‘out there’ in a miniature world, instead of swirling round their heads as often unnamed pain and anguish.



After the sandplay is completed, the child/young person and practitioner undertake collaborative sense-making. By making changes in their sandplay world, they often feel empowered to make similar changes in their real world.

In the webinar, Dr Sunderland will present moving case material showing how supporting children/young people to communicate through sandplay can enable transformation. She will demonstrate how using sandplay to process painful past experience, can result in the child/young person’s inner world becoming far more benign, devoid of persecutory figures, catastrophic fantasies, harsh images, negative self-talk, emotional bleakness etc. In short, sandplay can be a key facilitative tool in trauma recovery resulting in living with your mind in peace instead of in torment.


Cost: £28 for 30 day subscription

Running times: 1 hour 21 mins

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