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Conversations That Matter: Respecting and Celebrating Difference and Diversity

Dexter Dias QC (prominent Human Rights Lawyer - crimes against humanity, terrorism, war crimes, human trafficking, modern slavery and genocide). Expert trainers, psychotherapists in equality, diversity and racial trauma, as well as experts by lived experience.

The aim of the webinar is to raise awareness of issues related to racial trauma, inequality, intersectionality, discrimination, power, positioning and social injustice. The objective is to support you to promote anti-discriminatory practice and implement anti-oppressive practice in schools and organisations and to ensure that all staff are truly trauma-informed and culturally competent. It brings together a range of deeply moving voices to reflect and articulate in dialogue about the complexities relating to structural inequalities, institutional racism, and systemic discrimination. The presenters also discuss their own experiences of racial trauma when they were schoolchildren, and what schools and organisations can do differently. Dexter Dias QC (prominent Human Rights lawyer) discusses the origins, history and psychology of racism including the horrific macro-aggressions he has dealt with in the courts. He then discusses prevention and intervention. 

Additionally voices of children and young people who themselves have suffered repeated microaggressions talk about the impact these have had on their lives.

Overall, the webinar brings awareness in ways that will touch the hearts and minds, inspiring action for social change, with a wealth of ways of doing so.

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Cost: £32 for one month's access
Running Time: 1 hr 15 mins

Benefits from viewing

  • Learn how to challenge oppressive and discriminatory practice in your setting
  • Understand in more depth, the psychology of intolerance of difference and the human fear of ‘otherness’
  • Learn how to educate children and young people about what discrimination feels like: the terrible ‘absence of feeling acknowledged for who you are, over and above the colour of your skin’ (Anthea Benjamin)
  • Learn about interventions that have been highly effectively in eradicating intolerance and prejudice of difference and celebrated diversity
  • Take-away ways to inspire children and young to care deeply about matters of social injustice and abuses of power (historic and current) just as so many are now passionate about climate change.

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