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Dr Dan Hughes: Supporting Parents to Use PACE (Play, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy)

Dr Dan Hughes: Supporting Parents to Use PACE (Play, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy)

If you are working to support parents in your school or other setting, this webinar is a must. It will give you a wealth of ways to be, and what to say that you can pass on to parents, all demonstrating a beautiful way of being together. When PACE (play, acceptance, curiosity and empathy) is mastered as a parent’s main mode of relating it brings secure attachment in the child and a family atmosphere that is calm and deeply satisfying as opposed to blighted with stress, arguments, people being in separate rooms/on their devices and/or in cold withdrawal, often for hours.

Dr Dan Hughes addresses how to stay engaged with a child or young person even in very stressful situations. Through role play he beautifully models a PACE response in the face of the most challenging of behaviours, when a parent’s first instinct is often to move into anger and control.

Dan will also demonstrate how PACE brings connection and closeness, whereas ‘power over’ parent-child interactions are guaranteed to sever connection and to engender flight, flight, or freeze behaviour in the child.


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Benefits from viewing

Learn how to support parents to:

  • Stay empathic and regulated with a distressed, angry and/or hating child
  • Put down boundaries and give consequences in a paceful way
  • Regulate themselves in the face of a child or young person’s shocking and/or frightening behaviour
  • Regain PACE when their fear is blocking their affection and curiosity so the pull is to resort to power and control
  • Give structure and supervision with traumatised children
  • Enjoy their child in the most delightful ways bringing true emotional connection and deeply enriching times for both


Cost: £32 for 30 day subscription

Running time: 1hr 42mins

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